Discover how to size and propose new solutions to your customers.

Contact us for information on how to become a designer for plants with radiating plates VARME Kilden. You will have free access to our software and offer your customers something really unique.

Plates with a vocation to the custom made, ideal for architects and designers who want to surprise their customers with unique pieces.

Our plates can offer many benefits, for those who have to retrain energetically old homes or start a new project. Our products have another feature highly appreciated: architects and designers can draw real unique pieces, expressing their creativity in innovative and surprising geometries.
We can, and we do so willingly, to find all the solutions to meet the design and keep the plate efficiently and correctly sized. The results are unique and surprising uncommon in the field of domestic heating.


Surfaces to draw unique design products

In recent years we have enthusiastically accepted all challenges from technical and creative. Each time has been a race to outdo successfully. Our technology is particularly suitable for the design because does not think in terms of watts but. We can work closely to architects and designers to co-design their ideas making unique products. Plates may also be installed anywhere giving a highly innovative and original look to your rooms.
These features are the result of philosophy Varme Kilden. We decided not to be Market Oriented but always pursue towards the full satisfaction of our customer.