Varme Kilden Radiant Plates, Efficiency & Design.

Efficiency has never been the point of arrival but always the starting point. Our plates may look similar to other products of "thermo-design" but it is not so. They have been designed to minimize emission by convection and consequently stimulate the thermal emission by irradiation.  Varme Kilden combines in one product high efficiency and aesthetic beauty, ensuring maximum comfort and…

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Varme Kilden Technology means

  • Really fast heating
  • 25% bill savings
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Make your home healthy and comfortable

We have been designing heating systems for years. Flexibility and assistance of Varme Kilden has always been up to every project

Engineer(Brescia) qualified since 2005

I chose Varme Kilden because plates are sleek and minimal, perfect to fit in my projects or to be redesigned to become unique pieces of design.

Architect, (Perugia) qualified since 2007

In our hotel we have replaced the old radiators with the plates Varme Kilden. Not only savings. We have improved the comfort and aesthetics of our rooms.

Hotel owner (Canazei)customer 2009

In Varme Kilden we found a solution to save energy and a competent consultant. Improvements has taken place with the best results .  

Family (Milano) customer 2008