our history starts from an idea

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2004 Starting from an innovative idea of doc. Venanzio Bielli Varme Kilden Radiating plates were born. In September, the first prototype immediately reveals its great features. With the invaluable support of eng. Fabio Iannone the first algorithm and the first sizing software for the product is developed.

2005 The first patent is registered along with the brand Varme Kilden® in Italy and World. The European Energy Saving Solutions System Company, or rather the E2S3 Srl, starts its activity.

2006-2009 A second patent linked to the former is registered. Production of the classical model with slats ( Varme Kilden Klassisk ) keeps on going. Product range is enriched with a second model totally smooth on the front surface (Varme Kilden Miljø).

2010 DL Radiators SpA , a subsidiary of De’Longhi SpA , acquires worldwide exclusive rights to exploit the patent, know-how , brand and software sizing and begins production at its plants.

2013 Varme Kilden stops working with the DL Radiators SpA, reacquires all rights and begin a new path of development along with the engineer Federico Busato. Along with Andrea Blasutta the series production starts again in the current production site Majano in Friuli.

2014-2015 The production family is enhanced by three new models: Bølge, Tynd and Prysme. The dimensioning software is translated into eight languages and algorithm expanded to conform to other countries and to all the models produced. From the request of the market begins development of the plates with electrical power.