Strictly competents

Varme Kilden was born around an idea. This is why the figures who approached and have brought their knowledge to the success of the product could only be competent professionals, pragmatists who firmly believed in the product. These collaborations have been established over time till to form a cohesive team working well tested and determined, where all have a technical role precise and wish to see you appreciate the plates as a product of excellence everything Italian.

Andrea Blasutta

Andrea is the soul and the guarantee of the Production and Quality Process Control. He decided to contribute to the project Varme Kilden with a complete innovation of the production process .

Marco Lucidi

Marco has held many roles of technical and artistic direction in different design studios and agencies, he is responsible for the communication of Varme Kilden for all the traditional tools, web and multimedia. Marco observes industry trends joins all stages of work, and helps the company Varme Kilden telling herself, to express their philosophy of work to promote its merits and to dialogue with employees and customers

Federico Busato

Federico has a wealth of experience in Research and Development of water and electric panels for home heating. This was only the starting point for the research, development and technology integration of Varme Kilden Technology in residential and commercial buildings .

Venanzio Bielli

Leveraging over twenty years experience in the manufacture and sale of heating systems Venancio decided to permanently eliminate the main defects of the traditional heating developing a product completely new and extremely efficient, declining natural concept of heat transfer by radiation.