Families looking for more comfort and less costs

The soul of our products is the Flat Water Technology: simple and effective, that gives unprecedented comfort with savings you never hoped

The most efficient way to retrain your home, have a savings on utility bills and a new design without heavy costs of masonry.

Families choose Varme Kilden radiant plates because of the greater comfort and energy costs reduction. Energy retrain of your home is made by replacing old radiators with radiating plates that protrude from the wall only 5 cm. Thanks to their modern and neutral design, they guarantee a perfect match with any décor. They are perfect in the environments of elderly and children, because they do not hold dust, are easy to clean and have no sharp edges. The low temperature operation makes their use comfortable without decrease the moisture content in the environment.


25% of energy savings

Our plates interact naturally with the environment without overheating the air: this requires up to 25% less energy with the advantage of not overheating air keeping environment clean and healthy. They are particularly suitable for environments with ongoing use and with children and the elderly sensitive to temperature and humidity.
They are easy to clean: just a quick pass with a damp cloth and mild detergent. They can be made unique and personalized with your photographs. More than 1,200 families have already chosen to install them in their homes.

Before and after replacement

The replacement of old radiators is simple and fast. It is not required masonry or other special adaptations: hydraulic connections are made in the back of the plate. By means of the new Varme Kilden plates with a overall thickness of only 5 cm you can exploit the vertical space. With their minimalist design and neutral style get along in any decor and once mounted on the wall, help to make your home more aesthetically modern and more energy-efficient at the same time.