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Suggest new solutions to your customers is definitely a technical and commercial plus but pre and after sales support is a fundamental condition that makes the product complete.
To ensure this feature Varme Kilden supports installers from sizing and budgeting system with the most appropriate choice of models. Our philosophy is not to be a supplier end in itself but a real partner; this is why many installers works with us from over 10 years.


Quick and easy installation

It is the only radiating steel plate that has no predetermined distances between connections. This feature is ideal for the replacements of old radiators. For the same feature, a fortiori, they are also perfect for new buildings.
System retrain do not required heavy or expensive masonry work and in particular, the replacement of radiators under the window, will let you to intervene and reduce by 80% the energy normally dissipated to the outside from that part of the wall.
This video can perhaps understand much better what we have just described.