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Find out how the size of a radiant system is not englobed into the structures of the house

and you can offer your customers new solutions for maximum comfort with minimum energy use

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As you may already have seen, the technology we use for heating the house is completely different from the normal heaters, so to dimension our plates we have provided a special software, innovative and unique in the world, through which is possible to find the correct radiating surface to be used for the achievement of the MTO (Mean Temperature Operating) of comfort required at the supply temperature of the plates desired

Basically with our software you can do a sizing, with precise indications of the size of the plates radiating VARME Kilden necessary to ensure the maximum comfort with minimum energy effort possible.

The plates radiating VARME KILDEN may look very similar to the products of “thermo-furniture”, but it is not. Our plates in fact have been designed to minimize the emission by convection and consequently stimulate the emission by radiation. Just to give an idea of the plates have to be installed against the wall so that between the plates and the back wall there is virtually no space that can create a rear chimney that can increase the convective motion.

Visit immediately our technical http://www.varmekilden.org/ site, and download the online manual of the only software in the world able to size the radiating systems not incorporated in the structures.

Should you wish to use our software but was not yet in possession of ID and password, please contact us and ask for your personal ID and password. Your use of the online software is totally free.

If you would prefer, if you send to us the necessary data, we will prepare for you the sizing/offer, of course in totaly free mode.

In addition to this, by registering by sending an e-mail to info@varmekilden.it, you will also get the password to enter in area reserved for professionals, where you can find dozens of documents, always updated, divided into commercial, technical and installing site management .

For any questions or need clarification please contact us at +39.3282740292